Ultimate Growth Strategies eBook

A practical guide to engineer high growth into your business

Proactively driving high growth is a mystery for the vast majority of entrepreneurs. They have no model of the driving forces of high growth to guide them and thus their efforts are often frustrated when they overlook basic principles that underpin growth strategies.

Entrepreneurs seek growth in their ventures but it eludes most because they don’t have a full understanding of the interdependence of the factors inside their business and their external environment that provide growth traction. High growth is certainly possible but it only happens when the entrepreneur correctly positions his business within his target market and implements strategies inside his business to activate the growth potential.

Growth occurs when there is a match between external and internal business conditions. It is not sufficient to be good in one area of business, such as a great product or an excellent management team. The lessons of history show us that there are many aspects of the business that have to come together in the right way at the right time for the business to have growth potential. If the business is weak in any one area, it will undermine the overall performance of the entire strategy – and this is why sustainable high growth is so difficult to achieve. However, the entrepreneur that has a good understanding of growth principles, has a much higher chance of driving both higher profitability and higher growth.

This book sets out a practical and structured treatment of the elements of business management and product/marketing positioning which facilitates high growth. It is based on well know growth theories, the author’s personal experience and the successes of venture capital sector.